КИНЭРГО: специалисты с амбициями.(Статья в журнале ReMaTec на английском языке)


Источник: ReMaTec News

"We have supplied clients from Georgia, Kosovo, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Bulgaria, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and many others," says Edgar Nebylitsa deputy CEO from Lithuania's ambitious transmission and torque converter specialist, Kinergo. 

Kinergo debuted in the US market at the Vegas exhibition and returned home with a great deal of optimism. "Since we are a relatively young business we realized we would have to compete with huge companies with good names and close relations with their clients," he said. "Therefore we had to introduce some new ideas and a new approach to the market. In my opinion we have succeeded." 2014 looks like being a breakthrough year for the company that makes and distributes a range of transmission and torque converter products as well as organizing training courses to workshops in Lithuania. Edgar Nebylitsa explains: "Firstly we had to develop a new sales department that would satisfy needs of a multinational market and understand different business cultures. A difficult part was organising office hours that would meet the working hours of our clients in all parts of the world from USA to Australia. However, today, our clients can contact us 24 hours a day. Realising the financial restraints on smaller transmission workshops, Kinergo recently developed a "starter equipment set" that requires almost 3 times less investment than is usually the case. "We wanted to enable smaller workshops to start a TC rebuilding business without huge investments. 

The starter equipment set enables just two employees to rebuild 250 torque converters a month." At the moment Kinergo is working on several new technologies for 6 speed transmission TC which the company hopes to introduce at ReMaTec 2015 in Netherlands in June. 

Concurrently, the company has entered into an alliance with UK based Cottingham Engineering, which supplies Hydratest equipment for automatic transmission valve bodies. Cottingham Engineering is Kinergo's distributor within the EU, but Nebylitsa says that plans are underway to extend beyond distribution of products.